Mubadarat - Development Initiatives is a non-profit independent non-governmental organization, established and registered in 2006 in Lebanon, with its headquarters in Naccache.

1. Founding Objectives:

Mubadarat seeks to create initiatives and contribute to the social, economic, and civic development of Lebanese society. This involves
• Developing capacity building for groups and individuals active in community affairs;
• Pooling efforts with educational and social institutions to develop their capacity and focus their practical resources;
• Advancing democratic practices and human rights concepts in Lebanese society;
• Encouraging the Lebanese citizen’s involvement in public affairs.

In order to reach its goals, Mubadarat will organize several events, including:
• workshops
• conferences
• training sessions
• study centers
• publishing periodical newsletters

These initiatives will be carried out in close collaboration with the private sector, relevant official parties, professional associations, schools and universities, media, and international organizations involved in development.

2. Focus on Kisrwan-Ftouh and Jbeil:

The focus of Mubadarat at the present stage will be on the region of Kisrwan-Ftouh and Jbeil for two significant reasons: first, very few NGOs are active in this region and secondly, the region has been neglected during the reconstruction phase launched at the end of the war in Lebanon in 1990. Thus Mubadarat will serve as a link between government, civil society and stakeholders to promote developmental initiatives based on the principles and practices of good governance.

3. Regional Objectives:

Mubadarat seeks to achieve the following objectives:
• To contribute to the social and economic development of the region
• To promote the culture and practice of fighting corruption.
• To help institutionalize transparency in government work at the local level.
• To acquaint citizens with the idea of accountability, that is, the rights and duties of citizens.

4. Current Activities:

Mubadarat is currently working on five inter-related developmental sectors.

1. Education/Public Schools: the results of a survey Mubadarat conducted in the region relating to the state of public schools was upsetting yet at the same time inspiring for Mubadarat to focus efforts and resources on this sector.
2. Environment: Mubadarat will promote awareness campaigns and sessions on the environment as well as carry out small and large-scale environmental projects in the region. Mubadarat will seek to rehabilitate an old uninhabited village in the Kfardebian-Kleiat valley that can serve as a cultural tourist site in the region.
3. Youth: Efforts will be made to put high-standard facilities at the disposal of our youth in order to contribute to a new generation rooted in the principles and practices of good citizenship.
4. Empowerment of Women: Mubadarat seeks to address the practical economic needs of women living in rural areas with no easy access to employment opportunities. Mubadarat will address this need by providing women in the region with the opportunity to learn the basics of the English language and computer skills.
5. Good Governance Sector: Mubadarat will launch the first of a series of conferences on democratization and good governance focusing on the subject of administrative decentralization.


5. Board:
- Farid El-Khazen, Member of Parliament and Professor of Political Science at the American University of Beirut.  
- Ziad Baroud, Attorney at Law and Advisor to International Organizations.    
- Tanios Chehwan, Researcher and Youth activity specialist.  
- Nasr El Khazen, Researcher and Professor of Psychology at the Lebanese University.    

- Samira Menassa, Economist.
- Serge Oueiss, Attorney at Law and Civic Education specialist.    

- Charbel Ghosn, Businessman and municipal affairs specialist.
- Nader Sfeir, Attorney at Law.    

6. Funding:

Mubadarat is funded through contributions of individuals, local and international institutions, and the private sector. Mubadarat is planning to set up a fund-raising mechanism that would enable it to carry out its objectives effectively, especially through support of citizens of the region.

7. Website:

Mubadarat’s website www.mubadarat.org includes:
• Reports about projects
• Studies on the region
• Online version of publications
• Contact details for comments, inquiries, and suggestions.

8. Address and Contact Details:

Naccache, Rached El-Khazen Street, Lebanon
Telephone: 04-403137
Fax: 04- 416838
Email: mubadarat@mubadarat.org

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